Today I spoke to a group of young adults about Mother’s Day. We talked about what ‘mothering’ looks like in the real world. The act of mothering is nurturing; it’s done by mothers, aunties, grandparents, cousins, dads, uncles. Can we celebrate that? Let’s add this to our shared understanding of how we value and cherishContinue reading “Mothering”


Clearingby Martha Postlethwaite Do not try to servethe whole worldor do anything grandiose.Instead, createa clearingin the dense forestof your lifeand wait therepatiently,until the songthat is yours alone to singfalls into your open cupped handsand you recognize and greet it.Only then will you knowhow to give yourselfto the worldso worthy of rescue. What images come upContinue reading “Waiting”


One evening not long ago a friend’s post on social media really got my attention. Reshaped from a couple of years prior, the post was a picture of soup along with a comment about the event of soup-making; my friend had spent time with a community group she is part of, making soup for aContinue reading “Stories”