Better a short note to say “I’m alive!” than


at all.

I care passionately about the future of the young people: my children, and your children.

The ones at the schools I work at.

The ones who I see in my community

in all the places I go.

Wherever they are around the world.

I care about the safety of women and children

Not only them. I care about men too, and those who identify as both or neither or either, those who just want to be

free of

any declared identity. Human. ‘Tis enough.

And all our relations.

ancestors. parents. sisters/brothers/others.

Old people, the uncles and aunties and cuzzins and such.

beings of the land, the water, the air. spirit, medicine, sacred ones.

stories, knowing our way, the two-eyed way of seeing

bringing the gift of connection.

And lest things get too serious, I offer this reminder that sometimes tiny moments of joy invite us to be ‘in the moment’. Will you allow yourself to take that journey?

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